2017 Board Meeting

Here we are again! January 1 brings in the start of 2017 and it another fun year at the guild.

We are very excited to present the new Board Members of the 2017 Year as follows:

Rochelle Rosales, President
Amy Crawford, Co-Vice President
Sarah Osentowski, Co-Vice President
Lisbeth Polavarapu, Treasurer
Diana Lubliner, Secretary
Beverly Thompson, Membership Coordinator
Heidi Mackessy, Education coordinator
Amanda Morris, Sew Day Coordinator
Tricialyn Apolinar, Swap + Challenge Coordinator
Sarah Osentowski, Philanthropy
Jan Strockis, Retreat
Amy Crawford + Sarah Osentowski, Media + Web Chair
Renee Silva, QuiltCon (2017-2018) Charity Quilt Chair

As you can see, this year we introduced many positions in the guild to help spread the work around. It takes a village after all! Thank you to all our members who volunteered to help make this upcoming year a stellar one.


We’ve already held our first board member meeting and have some great ideas on making the planning of this upcoming year a great one! Excited to share with all of you our ideas. See you at an upcoming meeting soon!

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