2021 Monthly Charity Blocks

monthly block instructions

In 2021 we will have a monthly charity block initiative. These blocks will be collected and made into community quilts. 

Each month will feature a new modern block in a specific color palette. This is a fun way to try a new and modern technique without committing to a whole quilt.

The blocks can be made at any time throughout the year, not just the month they are introduced.

  • Please drop off your block at a distribution hub.
  • Remember to fill in the donation form.

Share your finished block on social media with the #svmqgcharity2021 tag, and upload to the charity photo folder so we can highlight some at our meetings.

June | Giant HST

The June 2021 charity block is a giant HST block.

May | Plus

The May 2021 charity block is a “PLUS” block.

  • Size: 12.5” by 12.5” unfinished
  • Make any plus block you want
  • Color: Grey background, any color plus
  • Detailed Instructions

April | Dancing Scraps

The April 2021 charity block is inspired by the Dancing Nines pattern by Bonnie Hunter.

  • Size: 10.5” by 10.5” unfinished
  • Color: Use scraps from one color family with neutral solid strips on two sides
  • Detailed Instructions

March | Windmill Improv

The March 2021 charity block is an improv Windmill block.

February | “X” Marks the Improv

The February 2021 charity block is an improv “X” block. It consists of 2 or more smaller blocks sewn together to make a larger 24.5” wide block. The smaller blocks can be of any width, as long as each piece is 12.5” tall. Don’t worry about getting the lines to line up perfectly! 

  • Size: 12.5” by 24.5” unfinished
  • Color: Blues, with an optional pop of orange
  • Reference: A Quilter’s table tutorial

January | Improv Churn Dash

The January charity block is an improv version of the classic churn dash block. We made a wonky example, but you can use any modification you like. It would look great with curves, uneven sized sections or deconstructed. You could also make a smaller block and add sashing to make it big enough. We encourage you to have fun with it and try something new!