Camp Bearpaw Activities

Each day we’ll have a variety of activities and events to participate in. For details on timing of each activity, be sure to check the Event Schedule.

Mess Hall

Host: none

Lunch and dinner breaks. You can rest assured that you can step away from your computer and you will not miss any of the planned programming during these times. Sew room will remain open at this time.

Daily 12p-1p, Thursday 5:00p-6:00p, Friday & Saturday 6p-7p

Scrappy String Block

Host: Lisbeth

Sew string blocks using a 8.5″ FPP template. Instructions included in your swag bag. We hope to have a great charity quilt

Make and drop at your hub or mail to the PO Box.

Don’t forget to post a photo of your block and update the charity block tracker before dropping off!

On-going throughout the retreat

Cabin Activity Competition

Host: Amy

Learn more about this friendly competition at the opening campfire on Thursday at 6:30pm.

On-going throughout the retreat

Special Guests

Host: Amy

Make sure you’re in the sewing room at these times so you don’t miss out on a special guest!!

Sprinkled throughout the retreat

Morning Calisthenics

Host: Jenny W

Quilting is a physical activity! Warm your body up for another day of quilting!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings

Coffee Talk

Host: Amy

Amy will start each morning off with a cup of coffee and some lively conversation around a selected topic.

Friday and Saturday mornings

Small Group Sewing

Host: Members

This is a chance for you to connect with a smaller group of members while you sew. Sew rooms will be assigned at random at the beginning of each session.

Please be in the sew room 5 minutes prior to the start of the sewing hour.

Friday & Saturday at 2pm and 9pm


Host: Retreat Committee

Join us around the campfire with some yummy s’mores.

To make the S’Mores dip::

  • Preheat oven to 450º 
  • Layer chocolate chips then mini marshmallows in a small baking tin or ramekin. 
  • Bake for 3 minutes, or until marshmallows are soft and golden.
  • Eat like a dip with graham crackers.

Any evening

Campfire Cocktails

Host: Rochelle

Come on over to the bar and, using the simple ingredients you prepared from the list below, make a cocktail with our guest mixologist. (Option for non-alcoholic mocktails)

Evenings daily, as part of the Welcome Party and Hand-sew Happy Hour

Prize Drawings

Host: Retreat Committee

There are lots of prizes to be won at Retreat, including multiple daily “door prize” drawings, just for joining us on this fun virtual adventure.

Must be present to win. Campers are only eligible once during the retreat.

  • Special Guest visits
  • Coffee Talks
  • Evening Campfires
  • Show & Tell
  • and throughout retreat!

Camp Crafts: EPP

Host: Retreat Committee

In your retreat Supply Kit, you’ll find an EPP flower kit. Using this kit, or materials of your own, make some hexagons and incorporate them into a project.

Share your project at Show & Tell

Spa Mask Night

Host: Retreat Committee

Shut down your sewing machine for a while and pamper yourself! Join in on the provided spa mask and join our group zoom photo.

Friday evening

Microwave Bowl Cozy

Host: Bev

Protect your hands with a microwave bowl cozy.

Make a bowl cozy using the kit included in your swag bag, or materials of your own. Instructions provided by Bev.

On-going throughout the retreat