Challenges – 2021

Our year long challenge is to study the elements of modern quilting through a series of quarterly mini quilts. You will start the year with a spin of the wheel to determine your repeating design element for the year.  Each of your challenge quilts should incorporate this design element as well as your quarterly spin results. Each  quarter you’ll spin again to determine the other elements to combine with your fixed element in that quarter’s quilt.

  • Elements of Modern Quilting
    • Alternate Gridwork
    • Asymmetry
    • Dense Quilting
    • Graphic Layout
    • Improvisation
    • Minimalism/Maximization
    • Modern Traditionalism
    • No Borders
    • Play on Scale
    • Solid Fabrics or Modern Prints
    • Vast use of negative space

Mini Quilt Size: No more than 24” on any side.

Due Date: All completed challenge quilts will be displayed  at  our December meeting.  Earn an extra passport stamp when you finish your quilt before the next quarter’s assignment. May 13th (Q1), July 8th (Q2), October 14th (Q3).

  • 4th Quarter Challenge:
    • Step 1: Spin Wheel #1 to get your first Q4 challenge prompt.
    • Step 2: Spin Wheel #2 to get your second Q4 challenge prompt.
    • Step 3: Fill out the form to let us know where your spins landed. Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on a strict adherence to your spin results. We’re just holding this information for anyone who loses track of their results.
    • Step 4: Make a mini quilt using your fixed design element from Q1 and your two inspiration prompts for Q4.

* Please note: These challenge exercises are meant to be both challenging and fun.  If your spin results are causing stress or killing your joy, reselect your elements by either re-spinning or simply claiming, “Dealer’s Choice!”

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