Sherri Lynn Wood: Making do Recology

Sherri Lynn Wood describes her 4-month artist residency at Recology in 2016. Her goal was to explore the nature of making do while creating an exhibition, including 6 quilts made entirely of materials from the San Francisco dump. Note that the meeting will run a little longer than usual to accommodate a longer presentation.

Lynett Muhaso Trunk Show

Join Lynett Muhaso as she shares her quilting journey, her design process, and the inspiration behind each quilt in her trunk show.

Jessica Plunkett of Maeberry Square: Block Play: modernizing traditional blocks

Join us as Jessica Plunkett shows us how to take traditional blocks and make them modern. After describing the tenets of modern quilting, she’ll explain her process in making blocks modern. Audience members will then make their own sketches and discuss how to continue playing with modern design. Note that the meeting will run a … Continue reading Jessica Plunkett of Maeberry Square: Block Play: modernizing traditional blocks

Rhonda Pierce: What Needle Should I Use?

Join us to learn everything about Schmetz sewing machine needles. Successful sewing is often about paying attention to the little things – like the needle in your sewing machine. Get the low-down about how this little piece of steel can solve some big problems, including broken threads, skipped stitches and puckered fabrics.

Patricia Belyea: The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Prints

Join Patricia Belyea as she takes you on a virtual tour of the Tokyo Quilt Festival. Then get swept away to a chusen-dyeing workshop where you watch the elaborate hand-dyeing process. Patricia finishes with a trunk show of her quilts made with Japanese yukata cottons and talks about how the fabrics inspired her quilt compositions.