Fabric Basket Tutorial – for October 26th

Link to Pattern

Supply Lists

  • Main Basket:
    • Two coordinating fat quarters for main fabric & lining (pattern recommends a small, non-directional print for the lining fabric)
    • Peltex 71f (single sided fusible interfacing/enough for a 13″x15″ cut)
    • Optional Quilted Version:
      • Batting scrap (enough for a 13″x15″ cut – shape exactly like Peltex 71f)
      • Use this video to quilt it BEFORE our digital Thursday)
  • Optional Handles:
    • All Versions:
      • 8 mm rivets
      • hole punching tool
      • rivet setting tools
      • OR
      • something to punch a small hole (mini hole punch, awl, nail?)
      • embroidery thread
      • embroidery needle
      • **See original pattern for an example of what this would look like – I didn’t make a sampe, but it’s a really cute finish**
    • Fabric Handles Version (dimensions will make 1/2″ wide fabric handles; amounts shown are enough to make two handles): 
      • 4″x6″ cut of SF 101 or Wovenfuse 2 
      • 4″x7″ cut of handle fabric
    • Faux Leather/Strapping/Old Belt Repurposed Handles Version:
      • Two 6″ by 1/2″ or 3/4″ of any of these materials

Prep Work 

(finish all BEFORE our digital Thursday on October 26):

In order to get our baskets successfully sewn in a reasonable time frame at our digital Thursday, do these steps before our meeting [DM Keila Simos (Classen) on Slack if you have questions]:

  1. Cut out all materials following pattern directions which are pretty easy to read/understand (seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance and cut notches in directional prints for main fabric as part of this step).  I cut things out slightly differently and included information on how to pattern match, handle directional prints, and score your Peltex (next step) in this video.  Link: https://youtu.be/5MXSQgfHSLo?si=cSUGS_ju0Ur42EJb
  2. Score your Peltex/fold up and stash somewhere it’s pressed into place until Thursday (see video in Step 1 for how I did this)
  3. Optional Step: If you want to make a quilted version, follow these video directions and quilt as you like BEFORE the meeting (it’ll be tough to finish the basket on that Thursday/all be at the same steps if you don’t do this in advance).  Link:https://youtu.be/7IBCAFq3dvU?si=BAolbObiYe7UBYaa
  4. Optional Step: Prep handles following the directions above under “Supply Lists” for the option you want.  The basket also looks great without handles.