Sew Days

Note: Our in-person Sew Days are ON HOLD to protect the health and safety of our members and their families. However, we are hosting weekly Virtual Sew Days via Zoom. Details are shared with members via email our Member Resources page.

The guild hosts quarterly Sew Days on a weekend day where members bring their machines and projects and enjoy a fun time sewing with friends!

All of our sew days are “open sew” format. This means you can come and bring whatever you’d like to sew on for that day. 🙂

We do sometimes schedule special Sew Days for sewing charity projects, common items, or even not sew at all…

Themed Sew Days – On “themed” Sew Days, members can choose to bring a project (bags, aprons, garments, free motion practice, etc.) that falls under the theme for that day and other members will be there to help each other out on that focused project if they choose to. (Kind of like a member-facilitated workshop.) Themed sew days will piggyback on our normal sew days but are in no way exclusive – you can attend the themed sew day and not work on the themed project. These themed days are just a fun way to all work on a similar project in which we can help each other out as we go.

Photo-taking Days – Sometimes we will forego the sewing room and venture out into the local area to photograph our projects. Members bring their cameras or simply camera phones and help each other to stage beautiful photographs of their quilts or other handmade items.

Here are a few members wearing their aprons made at our “Apron” sew day:13694789_316506068692069_770052920_n

Sew Days are for SVMQG members only. If you are a member of another chapter of the MQG that would like to attend one of our sew days, please email us and we’ll see if we have extra space. If you are not a member already and are interested in participating in our sews days, please look into signing up with our guild on our members page.