Color Fluency with Anna Maria Horner

January 6th, 2019 | 10am

Anna Maria switches up traditional color conventions in order to develop stunning and individual palettes. Beginning with a traditional color wheel, Anna demonstrates how each color interacts with one another depending on its position in the wheel. Then using a fun color palette exercise with fabric, she guides students towards building an adventurous, yet theory based palette. Palettes will further get tweaked using group input. Anna Maria explains how to translate palette knowledge to printed fabrics, demonstrating how scale and proportion can be used to create new and interesting patchwork combinations. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how to work intuitively with color and print.

Techniques taught:

  • Basic Color Theory
  • Translating printed fabrics to Color categories -Scrutinizing and enhancing palettes
  • Fabric selection for quilt planning

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6-hour workshop (with break for lunch), 24 students


  • SVMQG Members ONLY: $70

Materials Matrix with Sandra Bruce

June 23rd, 2019 | 10 am

Sandra Bruce’s technique, “Material Matrix”, is inspired by the painter, Chuck Close. It involves using a gridded photograph and interpreting each 2-inch square into fabric, using piecing to achieve the effect.

In addition to the technique, students will learn what makes a good photo to use, color and value, loose curved-piecing, and how to grid your own photo . Everyone in the class works on the same project (“Sew Ready” – seen above) in order to focus on the technique. Templates and handouts are provided so the pieces can be finished at home with confidence.

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6-hour workshop (with break for lunch); 20 students


  • SVMQG Members: $70
  • Other MQG Members: $80
  • Non-Members: $85
  • plus an additional $3 materials fee will be charged

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Design Improv with Triangles

September 14th, 2019 | 10 am

Develop your design savvy through this fun, interactive workshop. You’ll learn to design your own triangle blocks by experimenting with graphic elements such as line, texture, scale, and framing.

Rebecca teaches two of her “go to” quilting techniques as we sew through our experiments in graphic design.

Each attendee may choose to work with either or all of the three types of triangles: equilateral, right triangle (also known as the Half Triangle), or isosceles.

More about Rebecca Bryan

6-hour workshop (with break for lunch), 22 students


  • SVMQG Members: $70
  • Other MQG Members: $80
  • Non-Members: $85


Hand Quilting – Big Stitch with Tara Faughnan

December 7, 2019 | 1 pm

Learn how to incorporate hand quilting to add depth and interest to your quilts.  In this class students will learn the basics of big stitch hand quilting, including using different types of thread, needles and stitching techniques.

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4-hour workshop, 20 students


  • SVMQG Members: $50
  • Other MQG Members: $60
  • Non-Members: $65