Monthly – Quilt Design Challenge

(Feel free to join this challenge at any time through the year)

This monthly challenge will give you the chance try out your quilt design skills. Each month you will design a quilt, NO QUILT MAKING REQUIRED. Each month the prompts will focus on elements of modern quilting so you also get a chance to explore these.

  • Design a quilt each month utilizing modern quilt elements as described by The MQG
    • Use of bold colors and prints
    • High contrast and graphic areas of solid color
    • Improvisational piecing
    • Minimalism
    • Expansive negative space
    • Alternate grid work
    • “Modern traditionalism”
  • Note: this is a design exercise only, finished projects are not part of the challenge
  • Each month a prompt will be introduced
  • Use any method you want for designing your quilt – paper/pencil, design software, etc.
  • Discuss and share finished projects in monthly small group meetings and dedicated Slack channel

Monthly Prompts

  • Prompt 1 – Alternate Grid Work
  • Prompt 2 – Expansive Negative Space
  • Prompt 3 – High Contrast and Graphic Areas of Solid Color
  • Prompt 4 – Symmetry (bonus added for MQG challenge)
  • Prompt 5 – Improvisational Piecing
  • Prompt 6 –
  • Prompt 7 –
  • Prompt 8 –
  • Prompt 9 –
  • Prompt 10 –


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