Philanthropy – past years

2022 Philanthropic Work:

The guild will focus on donating quilts to several different local organizations to help our community where the need is highest. 

We  accept any size quilts or quilt tops, and also quilt blocks from our monthly charity quilt block initiative. We are always looking for help with piecing community quilts, quilting, backing, and binding.

All of our finished projects can be seen in our Charity Quilts list.

Contact if you have any questions or suggestions about charity projects.

2021 Philanthropic Work:

This year, the guild focus on donating quilts to several different local organizations to help our community where the need is highest. The pandemic seemed to give our generous members plenty of time to create quilts to donate and we finished the year with 74 quilts, a new record for us!

Members also enjoyed creating charity blocks each month and those quilts continue to be assembled and donated.

2020 Philanthropic Work:

The guild continued working with the Bill Wilson Center providing quilts, tote bags, toiletry bags, pillowcases, and other charitable items to support the broad range of programs that help local foster and homeless youth in our community.

Pillowcases made by members for Bill Wilson Center.

To support critical services workers during the Covid-19 outbreak, the guild made over 200 cloth face masks for Bill Wilson Center and other local groups.

More than just Quilts!

Our philanthropic projects also extend beyond quilts. We organize group challenges to benefit charitable organizations and have donated fabric to several groups to support their sewing projects. We have donated fabric to: Quilts for Kids, Social Justice Sewing Academy, and Bill Wilson Center.


Last year, our members jumped at the chance help Bill Wilson Center with a donation of handmade totes to be given to the young adults this great organization supports. Such a great variety of totes were returned, 46 in total!

2019 Philanthropic Work:

The guild focused on providing charitable items to Bill Wilson Center. Items made included quilts, receiving blankets, tote bags, and pillowcases. We exceed our goal of making and donating TWENTY (20) Baby Quilts. In addition to handmade items, members donated toiletries and household goods for individuals and families in need.

2018 Philanthropic Work:

We chose to broaden our philanthropic efforts in 2018 and work with multiple charitable organizations to provide quilts to a range of programs helping people in our community and beyond.

This meant we could accept any size quilts or quilt tops, from baby and children’s quilts to lap size and twin, even queen size. We collected 25 finished quilts and another 5 quilts tops.  We also donated fabric, batting, and finished items to charities.

2017 Philanthropic Work:

In 2017, we elected to work with the Bill Wilson Center to provide quilts to a range of programs they host to help local foster and homeless youth in our community.

Bill Wilson Center accepts any sized finished quilt tops. Since their services help such a range of people in our community they will happily accept baby quilts, children quilts, and larger lap or twin sized quilts. Our charity chair hand delivered them to the Bill Wilson Center in which our contact will find the best home/person to deliver donated quilts.

For more information about Bill Wilson Center, check out their website here:

2015-2016 Philanthropic Work:

We had great success the past two years working with Quilts for Kids and donating more than 30 completed quilt tops to the organization. We look forward to continuing our mission to contribute to our community.

For more information about Quilts for Kids, check out the website here: