Monthly Challenges:

COLOR project (May)

Rules: Make 2 quilt blocks that use a provided charm square as a color palette. 1 block including the charm square in it, 1 block without the charm square.
Size: Any
Due: June meeting, to be used in a future guild charity quilt

TEXTURE project (February)

Rules: Make a mini quilt that somehow utilizes the design element: texture, using guild logo colors
Size: Minimum 12″ and maximum 22″ on any side.
Due: Finished projects due at May meeting, to be raffled as fundraiser for the guild (optional)

Goals Challenge:

  1. Establish a Target goal for the following month.
  2. Bring your goal to the meeting including 3 “tiers.”
    1. Incremental/partial goal
    2. Target goal
    3. Stretch/final goal
  3. You will receive raffle tickets for completing your goals, based upon which tier you complete (i.e., 1 ticket for Tier 1, 2 tickets for Tier 2, 3 tickets for Tier 3).
  4. Prize drawing quarterly.


See our Philanthropy Chair for ongoing projects… we need blocks, backing, quilting and binding!