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  • Choose between 70” x 70” quilt or 46” x 46”
  • Select fabrics
    • 1 background color
    • 5 coordinating colors
    • Design works best with solid colors or low volume prints
    • Fabric Requirements (see example below):
      • Background Color – Intense, bold, rich color. Will contrast with supporting colors.
        • 4 ½ or 2 ¼ yards
      • Color #1 – Analogous color to your background color (either side on the color wheel)
        • ½ yard or Fat Quarter
      • Color #2 – Complimentary color to your background color (opposite on the color wheel)
        • ⅓ yard or Fat Quarter
      • Color #3 – Tinted background color (background+white)
        • ⅓ yard or Fat Quarter
      • Colors #4 & #5 – Neutrals of medium to light value compared with background color. May relate to each other, but not required.
        • ⅓ yard or Fat Quarter needed each
  • Block patterns / instructions to be provided each month
    • Instructions will be specific to the size of quilt you choose
  • Quilt layout is designed individually so that no two will be alike!


  • January – pick your fabrics
  • February – start making your blocks
  • September – design your quilt layout
  • October/November – quilt
  • December – share your finished quilt!

Here’s a great resource for understanding more about the color wheel and it’s terminology (including Analogous or Complementary colors). 


Once again, we are challenging our members to complete projects they haven’t, try things they normally wouldn’t, and learn things they don’t know… all of which we will track in our annual passports.

  • UFOs – document unfinished projects in your passport; bring in finished projects for a STAMP
  • Challenges – complete monthly challenges when due, or on your own time, for STAMPS (see full list below)
  • Block of the Month – complete milestones and share progress for a STAMP
  • Classes – take any class and share what you learned at a meeting for a STAMP
  • Charity – make and donate any item to the guild for charity

STAMPS show all you’ve accomplished, plus you earn chances to win PRIZES!


January – Quilting Design

Place a photocopy of a quilt in a clear sleeve and draw a quilting pattern on it; bring to the February meeting

Mini quilts made for April Challenge

Quilts made for the guild SCALE challenge: