Monthly Challenges:

Something-for-you (November)

Rules: Make something for yourself… anything you want.
Size: Any
Due: Finished projects due at January meeting (January 11)

Curve block (October)

Rules: Make two quilt blocks that include CURVES. Blocks must use guild colors.
Size: Multiple of 6″ finished (+ 1/2″ for seam allowances)
Due: Finished blocks due at November meeting (November 9)

Holiday Swap (September)

Rules: Make any item for another member based upon their tastes and favorite holiday. Members signed up in October and secret partners have been assigned.
Size: Any
Due: Finished projects due at December meeting (December 14)

Scrap fabric swap project (September)

Rules: Make an item for another member using scrap fabric from THEIR stash! Make something using ONLY the scraps they provide, plus any solids you want to add. Scrap bags were exchanged at the September meeting; you can still bring in a ziploc of fabric scraps to the October meeting if you want to participate.
Size: Any
Due: Finished projects due at November meeting (November 9)

Keychain (August)

Rules: Make any keychain or keyfob.
Size: Any
Due: September meeting (September 21)

Project using TEXT (July)

Rules: Make anything utilizing text; can be embroidered, pieced, or using text print fabric, but it must be a finished item.
Size: Any
Due: September meeting (September 21)

Zipper Quilted Bag (June)

Rules: Make any size bag, must be quilted and have a zipper; optional swap at the meeting!
Size: Any
Due: August meeting (Aug 17)

Pincushion (May)

Rules: Make a pincushion… it’s that simple.
Size: Any
Due: June meeting (Jun 8)

Zipper Pillow (March)

Rules: Try out the technique taught in the demo by Tricialyn at the March meeting!
Size: Any
Due: May meeting (May 11)

Mini Quilt (February)

Rules: Finished quilts will be raffled for guild fundraiser. Raffle will be held in June meeting.
Size: 20″ max
Due: April meeting (April 13)

On-going Challenges:


  1. List out 12 UFOs to complete this year. Each month a specific number will be drawn for the item to be completed for the next month’s meeting.
  2. It’s never too late to create your list, and never too late to finish past items – you will still get a raffle ticket for each finish. It’s also OK to work on a UFO in advance and bring it to the meeting where that challenge number is due.   
  3. You will receive a raffle ticket for anything completed on your list, and you get an EXTRA TICKET for completing the specific number drawn for that meeting.
  4. Prize drawing quarterly.
  5. List numbers drawn so far: January = #3, February = #8, March = #11, April = #1, May = #7, June = #10, July = #5, August = #6, September = #12, October = #9


Cool Colored Blocks

Rules: No rules! Make whatever you want just in cool-toned colors (blue, purple, teal, etc.) These blocks were due at the February meeting but we will continue to accept these blocks through the April meeting.
Size: 10″ finished (10.5″ unfinished)
Due: April
We will make these blocks into a quilt at the June sew day.

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Fabric Blocks

Rules: We had some leftover blocks from our QuiltCon Charity quilt so we’ll use them to make another quilt for charity. Still have those fabric bundles around? Turn them into a block and bring it in. No restriction on design this time! Keep it simple – keep it fun!
Size: 10″ finished (10.5″ unfinished)
Due: May

Improv Blocks

Rules: Use our guild “brand” colors – orange, green, aqua, fuchsia, and light turquoise (see our logo!) to create an improv block. Struggling to improv something? Use the MQG hosted March webinar, “No rulers, No rules: Creating Cohesive Improv Quilts Without a Plan” to help you learn some tips and tricks on how to improv!
Size: Any
Due: June

Large Quilt Block

Rules: Make a large block 20″ or larger, square. We’ll use these as medallions (centers) of small quilts that we’ll build out larger on an upcoming sew day!
Size: 20″ square
Due: July