Programs 2020

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Challenge #1

Quilting Design

Place a photocopy of a quilt in a clear sleeve and draw a quilting pattern on it; bring to the February meeting.

Challenge #2

Project Finishes

Finish a project you hate or a UFO that is 2+ years old

Challenge #3

Spring Cleaning!

Clean up your sewing space. Post photos of Before and After and tag with #svmqgchallenges

Challenge #4

Front Porch Quilt Show!

Post a photo of one of your quilts hanging outside your house and tag with #svmqgfrontporchquiltshow and #svmqgchallenges

Challenge #5

Make a Rainbow Project

Create a project using rainbow colors

Challenge #6

Make a Tabletop Item for Quilt Show

Make a tabletop sewn item (e.g., placemats, runner, potholder, etc.) (Bonus points for a “tablescape”)

Join us on July 30th for an SVMQG Digital Quilt Show of our Tabletop projects.

Challenge #7

Show Off Your Labels!

Share/post a photo of a quilt label

Challenge #8

Getting Unstuck

Post a photo or sketch of a project on which you feel creatively stuck.  Tell us what techniques you’ll use to become unstuck

Challenge #9

Layout Design

Post photos or sketches of a couple of different layouts of your BOM project (or another quilt project)

Challenge #10

Get Scrappy

Make a project using scrap fabric you have on hand.

Challenge #11

2020 “Mask to Remember”

  • Make a face mask, mini quilt, party mask… anything mask-related and 2020-related


Once again, we are challenging our members to complete projects they haven’t, try things they normally wouldn’t, and learn things they don’t know… all of which we will track in our annual passports.


This year we are hosting a Mystery Block of the Month project. Members will choose fabric based upon the color wheel and receive instructions each month, resulting in a finished quilt by the end of the year.


  • January – pick your fabrics
  • February – start making your blocks
    • Block patterns / instructions to be provided each month
    • Instructions will be specific to the size of quilt you choose
  • September – design your quilt layout
  • October/November – quilt
  • December – share your finished quilt!