Q2 Exchange – 2022

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter Block Exchange! This quarter we’ll be taking things to the next level by focusing on making star blocks.  Starting with a background in dark blue – black will give us a terrific field to let our starry blocks shine. 

Sign up for: Starry Night Block Exchange


Exchange Info:

  • Make (3) blocks for each Exchange-mate. 
  • Blocks are to be 12 ½” x 12 ½” trimmed. (12” x 12” finished).
  • We’ll divide up into groups of a minimum of 4 people (depending on participation)
  • People can request their stars be made in a specific color.
  • Sign-ups start May 12th, end May 19th.
  • Teams will be assigned and notified by May 21st.
  • Blocks to be postmarked by June 27th
  • Finished projects will be shared at the September 8th guild meeting

Block Info: 

  • You may make any type of star. (Improv, paper-pieced, applique, etc.)
  • You may have as many stars as you would like in your block.
  • Stars should be limited to one fabric per block.
  • Your stars do not need to be centered in the block.


  • Dark blue, black and/or dark low volume prints. Use quilting cotton for the background.
  • Various colors in prints or solids for the stars. Star fabric is not limited to quilting cottons. Your exchange-mates may request stars in a specific color.

Skills Used:

  • Accurate marking, measuring, and piecing
  • Pressing
  • Accurate trimming
  • Straight line sewing
  • Block design
  • Creative play with final design project


Layout ideas: https://nidoquilters.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/more-quilt-layout-ideas/

Due Dates

Sign-ups close: May 19th
Partner Notifications: May 21st
Demo/Q&A Session: May 22nd Saturday Sew Day
Blocks must be mailed by: June 27th
Photos uploaded to Q2 photo folder: June 27th
Projects Due: September 8th (Sept Guild Meeting)