Retreat Charity Block | Scrappy String Block

  • Size: 8.5” by 8.5” unfinished
  • Colors:
    • Low volume neutral for center strip
    • Random colorful strips for the rest of the block
  • The center strip should be 1.5” wide (finished)
  • Please drop off your block at a distribution hub.

This block is foundation paper pieced. There are many ways to do it so feel free to choose your favorite method. This is how I did it using an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Step 1: Cut off a strip of the sheet to get an 8.5” square paper. 

Step 2: Draw a diagonal line down the center, followed by 2 stitch lines, each of which is ¾” away from the center line. 

Step 3: Place the low volume center strip (at least 2” wide) right sides together with the first color strip, then put the foundation paper on top with the marked lines facing up. A dab of glue is helpful to keep the paper from shifting. 

Step 4: Stitch on the line on the right. Reducing your stitch length makes it easier to remove the paper later. Press the seam to the colorful strip. 

Step 5: Repeat on the other side of the center strip.

Step 6: Continue sewing random strips on each side to complete the block. All the stitching can be done from the top now. Only the first two seams need to accurately follow the stitch lines we drew on the paper. 

Step 7: Square up the block to the size of the paper

Step 8: Remove the paper from the back of the block

Tip: To make it easier to remove the foundation paper, I only stitch through the paper the first two seams. For each additional strip, I place it on to make sure it is long enough, then fold the paper away before stitching the new strip on.

In the end, the paper is easy to remove, since it is only held in place by two stitching lines.