Equity Pricing

In order to provide our programs to as many people as possible, we have instituted a sliding pay scale for our workshops and other events. The goal is to provide broader accessibility while still fairly compensating the speakers and teachers by having attendees pay based on their financial means.

The breakdown of our fees for events works like so:

Standard: This is the base price for the workshop. If you don’t have any financial hardship, we encourage you to support the workshop with this price.

Equity: Consider paying this amount if the Standard price of the workshop would create a financial burden. Note, if this amount is still infeasible, please reach out to us.

Pay It Forward: Consider paying this amount if you are able to contribute to ensuring that all those who want to attend our events can.

We invite you to visit Embracing an Equitable Sliding Scale to find more information and our motivation for instituting this policy.