Meeting Programs Update

Thanks to member suggestion (thanks guys!!) we decided to do a small hands-on program where we demoed english paper piecing three different ways. We broke into small groups and rotated stations where three of our members each showed their small group their different technique. At the first station, Amy demoed the more traditional technique using pre-cut paper templates, how to thread baste, and how to hand sew them together. At the second station, Julie C. demoed how to glue baste and machine stitch the pieces together. At the final station, Diana demoed how to make your own templates using freezer paper.

Station 1: Amy demoing EPP using traditional paper templates
Station 2: Julie C. demoing EPP by machine
Station 3: Diana demoing EPP make-your-own freezer paper templates
















This past month we wanted to do a small talk on color theory. We thought it would be a perfect time to do it in tandem with our scrap swap where we’d have an opportunity to play with some scraps that members brought in. We broke into two small groups and grabbed some scraps and got started! Each group started with a fabric and then added and subtracted other colored scraps in to get a final group of fabrics that they liked together. It was a fun time for members to play and learn a little bit more about color theory.


As always, thanks to all our members for awesome program suggestions. We’re looking forward to showing you what other fun programs we have in store for the rest of the year!

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