Pam Rocco: Quilts Inspired by Ethnic Models

“Ethnic quilts, broadly defined as quilts produced by people outside of the American quilting mainstream, such as Native Americans or the Amish, or quilts inspired by non-Western art of any kind, have always fascinated me.  I’ve made quilts inspired by cloth, carvings, paintings or petroglyphs made by diverse groups of people from the Andes, the Congo, the Kalahari desert, the Australian outback and many other places.  I hope that the rich world of non-Western art will also inspire you on your quilting journey.”

– Pam Rocco

We were so thrilled to have the brilliant Pam Rocco come speak at our last meeting and share dozens of her amazing quilts with us. We loved hearing about where she gets her inspiration from, her process on coming up with her designs and all the facets of her life that have played a role in her quilt making journey. One of the interesting details she shared with us was her use of non-traditional fabrics, including draperies and clothing.

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