Big Stitch Hand Quilting with Tara Faughnan

We finished out 2019 with a 1/2 day workshop on Big Stitch Hand Quilting taught by Tara Faughnan.

Tara started out by showing us her own beautiful hand quilted work. She discussed her technique with regard to both stitch size and quilting design, and how she incorporates these to add depth and interest to her quilts.

Then, she taught us about different types of hand quilting threads in a variety of materials, sizes, even some sparkly metallics! Along with the thread, Tara shared her insights on needles, marking tools, even hoops (or the lack thereof).

Finally, we reviewed some stitching techniques and then got to stitching…

What a lovely way to spend a December afternoon… Thanks so much Tara! Tara Faughnan can be reached at

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