Working with Maria Shell on Linear Shapes and Blocks

For our first online workshop, the guild hosted Maria Shell for her workshop “Linear Blocks – Line Into Shape.”

In this 2-day class, participants with a set color palette to create linear shapes that they then used to create larger blocks and shapes. Traditional linear block shapes, like the log cabin or cross, were used as starting points for strikingly graphic original compositions. Techniques discussed in the class included improvisation, modern quilt design, pattern, and color.

Fruit Salad by Maria Shell

The sold-out workshop was held over 2 consecutive Saturdays, with time for practice in between the classes. Immediately after each class, students jumped into our weekly Zoom Sew Day and continued working on their projects. The week-long interim allowed students to create their shapes and building blocks and get more out of the class time spent with Maria.

Students were thrilled with the workshop and it’s been great to see their finished work as they complete their class projects and use these skills in their work going forward.

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