Meet the 2021 Programs Team!

Author: Dianne Gates-Anderson, 2021 Programs, Co-Vice President

In just one year, the SVMQG Programs Team has grown from two people in 2020 to a team of nine in 2021, as we expand our offerings to support our growing organization.  Our goal is to provide a variety of activities so each guild member can pick and choose to do those activities that best support their personal quilting goals.  We want to help our members improve their skills, challenge themselves and stay connected with each other during these trying times. 

The team is led by Co-Vice Presidents, Dianne Gates Anderson and Amanda Morris. In addition to their roles on the Board of Directors, Dianne and Amanda are both leading specific efforts within the Programs team.

Dianne G., Programs Co-VP | Monthly Meetings & Self-Guided Learning Teams

  • Quilting for 6 years
  • Member of SVMQG for 3 years

Below are Dianne’s first quilt and her favorite quilt recipient (her Mother).

Join Dianne each month at our Monthly Guild Meetings where we’ll host guest speakers, member-led lectures and demos, and so much more.

Amanda M., Programs Co-VP | Challenges & Passports

  • Technically quilting for 10 yrs., but really 5
  • Member of SVMQG for 5 years

Amanda’s favorite modern quilters are Bisa Butler and Erin Wilson

Collect Guild Passport stamps and badges and challenge yourself with Amanda!

Beverly T. | Digital Thursdays

  • Quilting since 1993.  “A friend and I decided to take up quilting for stress relief.  I have been garment sewing since I was about 10.”
  • Member of SVMQG for about 4 years 

Bev has numerous projects in the works, below is an FPP block she recently finished.

Get to know Bev at an upcoming Digital Thursday Sew-along, Show & Tell, or other SVMQG Digital event.

Heidi M. | Workshops

  • Quilting since the 80’s. “I made a patchwork pillow and quilt in the 80s, but took it up as my main hobby in 2010.”
  • Member of SVMQG for about 5 years

Heidi’s dream teacher is Jacquie Gering.

Heidi recently started a small challenge called “Art on the farm.” The next step is to add embroidery and quilting.

Join Heidi for a Workshop or give her a shout if there’s a teacher you’d love to see at our guild!

Rhonda R. | Working In A Series, Self-Guided Learning Team

  • Quilting 5+ years
  • Member of SVMQG since 2017

Rhonda’s 2021 goals include finishing a couple of UFOs and working on quilt design.

“Beachside Burning” made by Rhonda, inspired by a photo of the Thomas Fire

Stop by an upcoming Self-Guided Learning Team event where Rhonda will co-lead with Amanda on the Working in a Series team.

Liz C. | Quilty Happenings

  • Quilting for 17 years
  • Member of SVMQG since 2018

Liz’s favorite quilting classes ever are two very different landscape quilting classes, taught by Cynthia England and June Jaeger. These classes taught her how to generate an art quilt from a photograph. Liz has found that knowing both techniques is powerful.

Liz is always looking for a new fun class to add to our list of Quilty Happenings. Give us your insights via our guild forum and she’ll pass them along to the rest of us at our next monthly meeting.

Kathy S. | Exchanges

  • Quilting for 15 years
  • Member of SVMQG for 6 years, right from the beginning. 

Kathy is currently working on an improv design with Maria Shell inspiration.  Below are her pieces.  She is now ready for the design wall and filling in the rest. 

Kathy:  “I love the process!”

Interested in a swap or exchange? Kathy will be hosting a handful throughout the year starting with a Mini-Mod Exchange starting in March.

Michele D. | BOM

  • Quilting for 19 years
  • Member of SVMQG since its beginning in 2014

The words Michele uses to describe her work are: Scrappy, Organic, Wonky, and Movement

Pop into one of Michele’s BOM Sew Labs hosted the third Thursday of the month or our BOM themed Sew Day on the third Saturday of each month.

Carolyn B. | Virtual Sew Days

  • Quilting for 4 years or so
  • Member of SVMQG since May of last year

The virtual retreat was a highlight of last year for Carolyn and she looks forward to the retreat again this year.

Carolyn made this quilt for her son’s birthday gift last August

Sew and chat the day away with Carolyn each Saturday at our guild Sew Days.

Many thanks to our amazing Programs team for putting together such wonderful and varied content for the guild this year! We are all looking forward to a great year working with these creative folks on everything from lectures to workshops and from block-of-the-month to open sew days. 

It’s going to be a great year!

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