A Visit from Jacquie Gering

Last month the guild was lucky enough to host Jacquie Gering at our monthly meeting. We were so excited to hear about Jacquie’s design process and she did not disappoint.

Having been meeting virtually for over a year, it was especially nice to visit with Jacquie a little before the meeting, chatting about logos and sewing machines and Kansas City.

Presenting photographs of her quilts, Jacquie shared the design process behind her quilts, including how they were pieced and the quilting strategy. Not surprisingly, she illustrated how her quilting was an integral part of the design process and enhanced the overall design.

In addition to the lecture and trunk show, Jacquie talked about tools and techniques, sharing her considerable experience and advice. Plus, she answered our endless questions that ranged from thread and needles to batting and basting.

Many thanks to Jacquie for visiting and sharing her gorgeous work. This was a thrill that we won’t soon forget.

Rather than sharing screenshots of Jacquie’s quilts, which could never do them justice, please treat yourself and take a moment to enjoy Jacquie’s quilt gallery on her website.

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