Quilted Postcards | Making and Exchanging

At our June meeting, NASA engineer Sarah Ruiz joined us to discuss the benefits of doing a 100 day project, and to walk us through her quilted postcard process.

In anticipation of our upcoming quilted postcard swap, we welcomed guests from the Philly MQG to the meeting.

Sarah showed us her process for making the postcards, including design, materials, finishing, and mailing them.

Check out Sarah’s tutorial to learn her method for making quilted postcards.

Guild members signed up for the swap and received a kit of materials, including interfacing and a clear mailing envelope as well the name of a member of the Philly MQG who would receive their one-of-a-kind tiny quilted masterpiece. Tutorials were provided at Sew Days to help with inspiration and techniques.

We’re not sure which was more fun, making postcards, or receiving them from our friends in Philly.

Thanks to Sarah for sharing this fun activity with us, and many thanks to the members of Silicon Valley MQG and Philly MQG who made and mailed these adorable tiny quilts.

To see the collection of postcards made by SVMQG guild members, check out our gallery.

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