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SVMQG Showed Up and Showed Off!

Author: Dianne Gates-Anderson, 2021 Senior Vice President

In 2021, the SVMQG President’s goals were to focus on Modern Quilting and to celebrate our members’ efforts and creativity.  Fortunately, the state of the pandemic allowed the in-person Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) to proceed this year (Oct 14-17, 2021) and our members were prepared to take  advantage of the opportunity.

Earlier in the year, NACQJ certified quilt judge, Kathi Eubank, spoke at our July meeting.  Kathi went into great detail on what quilt judges look for (they really want to help improve your work) and she strongly encouraged our members to submit quilts to as many shows as possible. Armed with our new knowledge, and gentle nudging from our leadership, 10 members submitted a total of 15 quilts to PIQF. 

At our July meeting, we discussed 9 reasons why members should submit quilts to shows. Enjoy this photo gallery of our members quilts on display at PIQF along with these reasons, and be sure to scroll all the way through to the end of the list to see why the list has been expanded to 10

Why you should enter your work in quilt shows: 

Reason #1: It’s an accomplishment to get accepted, so take a bow 

Rhonda Rosales with her quilt “Tamalpais” 

Reason #2: It’s a chance to share the beauty of your work with others and let them shine

“Kinship Expanded” by Erika Williams

Reason #3: Nice way to get pictures of full size quilts

“Love All Around” by Therese May
“Entropy” by Rhonda Rosales

Reason #4: People get to know you as a quilter and creator

“Somewhere Out There” by Dianne Gates-Anderson
“Sway” by Rhonda Rosales

Reason #5: You get to see your work from a different perspective

“For Lee” by Darla Gallentine

Reason #6: Your work can inspire and encourage others

“Love from Coast to Coast” by Anne Muller
“Operatic” by Rhonda Rosales

Reason #7: Entering shows motivates you to complete projects

 “If Only We’re Brave Enough”  by Mandy Fleig
“My Favorite Anderson” by Dianne Gates-Anderson
  • Mandy and Dianne had to hustle to expand their works to meet minimum size requirements for PIQF and pre-finished hanging sleeves came in handy for last minute finishing up before delivering the quilts to the show.

Reason #8: Entering shows makes you take your work/craft/quilting seriously

“Happy Little Trees” by Jenny Wagner
  • This is one of several quilts that she has had accepted in the Cherrywood Challenge.  The Cherrywood Challenge quilts travel from show to show around the country and this little quilt is a perfect example of Jenny’s creativity and attention to detail.

Reason #9: Feedback from judges helps you grow as a quilter

“Happy Houses” by Dianne Gates-Anderson
  • While the judges liked the composition and the colors they also pointed out a couple of areas for improvement such as careful trimming to avoid shadowing and suggesting more uniform quilting throughout the piece.  These suggestions will definitely be kept in mind for future quilts.

Reason #10 (newly experienced)Winning ribbons is awesome!

“Stairway to Heaven” by Pam Holt
“Modern Bullseye” by Kathrin Brown
  • Pam received lots of suggestions for completing her quilt at the UFO Rescue Digital Thursday last year and continuing support and encouragement to enter her quilt in PIQF during our Saturday Sew Days.

Guild members also performed white glove services for the show, and staffed a table where we shared information about the guild’s many activities and offerings.

In addition to welcoming prospective members, we continued sales of our Quilt Journal, encouraging quilters to document their quilting process and record their finished quilts.

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