Let’s Sew for Charity

At our recent charity sew day, we were thrilled that eleven guild members showed up to help us work on quilts that will be donated to local nonprofit organizations who have connections to community members who need the warmth & cheer a homemade quilt can bring them.

We’ve received quite a few finished quilts as donations to our charity quilt program from guild members or friends of guild members, and a couple of us worked to sew labels on the 8 or 9 quilts ready to be sent out into the world.  Amy Wang finished up sewing together pinwheel blocks that she and Emily Harris started working on at the previous sew day, so she gets credit for our one completed flimsy.  Other guild members worked on cutting out fabric for patterns to be stitched at future dates, sewing together blocks that we’ll complete later, and sewing blocks together that will one day be a completed quilt top ready for the next volunteer to quilt it.

At this particular sew day, highlights were also Kevin Crittendon entertaining us with stories & mock shock at Lisa Bourgeault & Keila Simos’ cheesy attempts at rotary cutter humor.  We’re grateful he could volunteer his time so we could use the location.  Sara Goodman’s chain pieced “scarf” cracked us up, and home baked chocolate chip cookies were perfect for breaks between stages of projects to keep us in good spirits.  

If you can’t make a charity sew date, you can still volunteer time and energy at home to work on these quilts – making individual blocks, quilting, binding, labeling – you name it!  This link  can get you in touch with Cristin Grothaus and help you find a task you’re interested in taking on.  We also need fabric donations with a modern aesthetic – so if you’re in a stash cleansing mode, Cristin would love to integrate some of your fabric into our future projects!

Cristin Grothaus & Keila Simos want to send our gratitude to everyone who came and helped out with the quilts on this recent date, but also to all the people who have volunteered at previous charity sew dates or are working on charity quilt dates on their own time.  The success of this program relies on the commitment of the guild members, and we want to be sure each of you know we recognize and appreciate your efforts.