Social Media Guide

At last month’s meeting we wanted to share with our members a handful of ways to keep up with guild news and stay connected with other members. We compiled a list of four key social media platforms you can use to stay informed, get connected, start the conversation, and show off!

Stay Informed – Our Website:

Oh, hey, look! You’re already here! Thanks for stopping by!

Our website is a great place to find all kinds of information about our guild. Our main page (where you are now) is the host of recent blog posts that are based on current events happening within our guild. We try to post a good mix of fun programs we’re running, recaps on classes and workshops we’ve hosted, as well as small insights into other happenings of the guild.

Our Meetings + Events page is host to all of our basic meeting information: where we meet, what time we meet and if our regular meeting day has shifted. We also provide key dates to keep on your calendar for things like Sew Days, Workshops, and more. We keep the running list of each month up-to-date with anything we know of, as soon as we know it.

I encourage you to check out our Programs page where you will find a list of all the fun things we’ve got going on for members to participate in. From challenges to charity programs. It’s all there!

Lastly, as a quick go-to guide, we’ve added a “To-Do” List to our right-hand sidebar. There, you will see a list of items that may be due at any upcoming meetings. You can decide to participate or not, but the reminder is there for you if you want to join in on the many programs and challenges we have running.

These are just some highlights. I encourage you to click around the site to learn more about us. Our Charity Quilts page is also a fun one to look at too!

Get Connected – Our Facebook Fan Page:

Our public Facebook Fan Page is a great space to see all of our posts across our social media platforms in one place. If you’re already using Facebook, you can follow (or fan!) our page and get notifications when new information has been posted. Not on Instagram? No worries! We share that information on our Facebook Fan Page. Not subscribed to our blog here on our website? It gets posted to our Facebook page there as well. So you are never far away from joining in and staying connected.

A great feature we love about our Facebook page is the ability to post upcoming events. We use this feature to post when our upcoming sew days and workshops are. There are descriptions on the event as well as any resources needed (like sign up sheets) to join in on the fun. You will see meeting events and other events we’re hosting that are outside of our monthly meeting.


Start the Conversation – Our Private Facebook Group:

It’s great to stay connected and read up on things happening with the guild but we wanted a space for our members to keep in touch as well so we’ve created a private Facebook group exclusive for our members to join.

This is a great place for members to:

  • ask questions (like recommendations on tools)
  • get opinions (need advice? ask fellow members)
  • show pictures of recent projects
  • tell us about a cool event or workshop you’re going to

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and have fun building community with fellow members.


Are you a member of the guild? Request to join our group and we’ll add you!

Show Off – Our Instagram Page:

We love to showcase our members’ work any way we can and our Instagram page is the perfect place to do just that. If you scroll through our feed you’ll find pictures from activities and demos we’ve run at meetings, members showing off their work during show and tell and even some pictures of guest speakers we’ve had. We also love to post snapshots from workshops and sew days we’re hosting and for practical needs, we also make sure to post reminders about meetings, workshops, and sew days.

Guild hashtags to follow:

  • #SVMQG – For all things Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild related
  • #SVMQGWorkshop – For specific snapshots of workshops we’ve hosted
  • #SVMQGShowAndTell – For our monthly show and tell at meetings
  • #SVMQGChallenges – For any guild challenges we have running
  • #SVMQGCharity – For a look at our philanthropic efforts and charity activities


We hope this post has given you some insight and inspired you to connect with us in different ways. We love our community of members and friends of the guild, so don’t be afraid to like or follow us if you’re interested in keeping up with our group.

For more information on the above information, see our Social Media Guide slide deck we created for our last guild meeting.

Lanyard and Name Badge Instructions

10948473_413646565464648_252721620_n     10932253_632837636843266_2064871468_n

Last year we ran a couple of demos on how to make lanyards and name badges for a swap for the group. We decided we weren’t going to do another swap this year (as most of our members have one now) but we’re hoping we could encourage existing members to help bring in additional lanyards and/or name badges for new members as our group continues to grow. The following are instructions on the two demos we offered.

12445859_1044339152298439_832233452_nLanyard Info. (Sarah’s Demo):
I said I’d share a link to the tutorial for the demo I did which I grabbed from this great blog post by Simply Cotton here.

Just a couple of things to note that I did differently than the tutorial:
1) During the demo, I just showed how to do one solid strip of fabric. This tutorial shows you how to do a pieced lanyard. It’s the same basic instructions, I just skipped the first few steps and simply cut my strip 2 1/2″ x 36 1/2″. (You can cut it wider depending on your swivel clip width too! Just multiply the width of your swivel clip by 2 and you’ll get the number of the width of the strip you should cut to fit your swivel clip)

2) She suggests using Pellon Lightweight Fusible Stabilizer (which you are more than welcome to use) but what I used in my demo is called Shape-Flex Woven Interfacing (this is fusible even though it doesn’t say it in the name).

Lastly, the name of the claps I bought at Joann’s is made by Dritz and is called a “Swivel Hook”. I also ordered a bunch from an Etsy store for wholesale price. Just search “Swivel Clip” or “Swivel Hook”.

11187114_368134600048093_1341423847_nName Badge Holder Info. (Tricialyn’s Demo):
Tricialyn did a great job at typing up directions for her demo. I’ve provided them here in case you missed it or have misplaced your copy.

2 – 5″ square fabric scraps
1 – 2″ x 38″-40″ strip for neck strap
1 – 2″ x 5″ strip for binding on vinyl
1 – 4″ x 5″ piece of vinyl Tissue paper to help feed vinyl through the machine – optional
Walking foot – optional

Press 2″ x 5″ strip in half, then press the edges to the middle to form the binding. Place the binding over the top edge of the vinyl and topstitch in place. Vinyl likes to stick to the machine, so if you tape some tissue paper down it will help the vinyl go through the machine. A walking foot is also helpful.

Place front facing 5″ square on the table right side up, place the vinyl on top with the binding at the top. Next place the back 5″ square on top face down. The vinyl makes everything slippery, pin all layers together inside the seam allowance. Sew a 1/4″ seam down the right side, turning 1/4″ from the bottom, continue sewing across the bottom and up the left side, back stitch at beginning and end. Clip corners. Turn everything right side out, being careful not to crimp the vinyl, and poke the corners out. Flatten out, and press quickly with a warm iron using a pressing cloth. Make sure to be very careful when pressing because the vinyl can melt. Turn the top edge in 1/4″ and press.

Press the 2″ x 40″ strip in half, then press the edges to the middle. Topstitch down the edge to make the neck strap.

Insert one end of the neck strap into left side of the main body of the badge holder 1/2″ – 1″, pin in place. Place other end into the right side, pin in place. Make sure neck strap is not twisted. Topstitch about 1/8″ from top of body, to secure strap in place.


*Note: If you’re making a lanyard, please remember to buy the plastic name badge holder that the name badge goes in. They can usually be found in the office aisle of many drugstores as well as office supply stores. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about any of the info. provided.