SVMQG Member Spotlight | Amanda Morris

Author: Amanda Morris, 2021 Co-VP of Programs

Like many of us, my quilting journey started with a childhood filled with arts and craft projects. My mom is an artist who was teaching college level art classes in Mississippi when she got the opportunity to move the family to the desert southwest. We moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1976, living just 45 minutes north of Santa Fe.

The constant exposure to world class art and handmade crafts helped develop my curiosity for how art is made. One of my strongest memories of my childhood is driving through Northern New Mexico collecting clay from the side of the road, taking it home in several 5 gallon buckets, and processing it into clay that my mom used to make pottery.

Out of all the crafts I was given the chance to explore: pottery, drawing, painting, batik, knitting, and sewing, the one that clicked the most for me was sewing. I was 9 years old when my mom walked me through the process of making a red wrapped skirt. I had such pride in telling my teacher, “Look at my skirt I made myself!” I continued garment sewing on and off for many years. In 1998, I discovered a store called, “The Sewing Place” in Saratoga. 

Their wonderful array of classes and terrific selection of high end garment fabrics was a game changer for me. It drastically expanded my knowledge of fit and the construction of high quality garments.

As my garment game improved, I also gained a new circle of friends with whom I spent a lot of time talking about all things sewing. Many of these new friends were also quilters, and though I was impressed by the quilts that they showed off, I was not tempted to try the traditional art that they were making. I remember asking my sister who had been quilting for years, “You cut up the fabric in really small pieces and sew it back together again!?!  That makes my brain hurt!” It took the discovery of modern quilting to engage my curiosity. One morning on my way to work I was listening to the “Modern Sewciety” podcast. Stephanie Kendron, the host, was interviewing the president of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. I was thrilled to learn that such an organization existed! I could not wait to get to my computer to see if there was an MQG guild near me. Not only was there a Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild, but as luck would have it, there was a meeting the following night. The rest, as they say, is history. I attended the meeting and felt so welcome and encouraged that I couldn’t wait until the next one.

Joining this guild has allowed me to realize my passion for modern quilting.  I’ve learned as much through the classes we have offered as a guild as I have through the fellowship we offer each other. I am grateful to all of my fellow guild members for sharing both their art and their knowledge with me.

“”  This was my first ever Block of the Month quilt.  I was hesitant to not know where the project was headed, but ended up loving the uncertainty.
“Tricky Trinket”This was my first ever Sewalong project.  This is the Trinket quilt by Alison Glass.  I wanted a large, busy quilt so I made 5 of each block.
“Light as a Feather” I wanted to explore the idea of quilt blocks getting up and floating off the quilt.
“Napili Time”  Maui is one of my family’s favorite vacation spots.  We have spent endless hours snorkeling around the Napili area of Maui.  I used the colors of the sea and flowers as my inspiration.
“Kurafuto” After taking a shibori class with Sandra Jordan, I could not stop dyeing.  I had so much fun and wound up with a LOT of fabric. I wanted to keep the dyed fabric as large as I could in order to highlight the different patterns developed from my folding and clamping techniques.  I used the red fabric with an intent similar to the Kintsugi method of repairing broken pottery with gold.

Many thanks to Amanda for sharing with us!

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