Our Quilt Journal

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I remembered that project I made years ago?” OR “What technique did I use on that quilt?” OR “Why did I make that design choice?” 

Ever thought about having your own personal coffee table book of quilts you’ve made with all the details of your process from early concepts and rough sketches to the final design and fished photo?  

If so, you’ll love My Quilt Journal

We created this loosely structured scrapbook for quilters who want to capture the why and the how of their projects in one place. Beyond a finished quilt photo and label, there is room for sketches, inspiration photos, doodles, and more.

You can use the journal at any point during the creative process of making your quilt. 

My Quilt Journal is a tool for planning and playing as well as reflection and archiving. Use it during your creative process for digging into your design and planning out your project. Or use it once your quilt is complete to document and archive your pattern, fabric swatches, finishing touches and the final project.

Recording your quilts allows you to recall the creative process and build on past projects, providing a physical record of your quilts that you can look through as well as share with others.

Keep a detailed archive of your quilts for yourself and others to enjoy! 

My Quilt Journal includes room for 24 projects, plus Addendum pages for additional information or reference materials. We’ve also included a Table of Contents so that you can easily find your projects.

If you would like to order your own copy of My Quilt Journal, you can go do so via our website. Sales support the guilds philanthropic, educational, and social activities. Be sure to share with us how you use the journal, post on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #SVMQGquiltjournal.

We can’t wait to see the story of your projects!

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