Kitty Wilkin

QUILT YOUR LIFE: Milestone Quilts for Every Moment | Kitty Wilkin

Saturday, January 21st | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (held via Zoom)

Come explore the world of quilts created to mark milestones, and see why these quilts are a fun and meaningful solution to joyful sewing in this busy world.

In this workshop, Kitty will share her journey through the world of creating milestone quilts, beginning with the quilt she created for her third child to mark his first year of life, and will explore other life events that can be documented through the creation of a quilt.

Together we will talk about the many variables to consider when designing milestone quilts and you will come up with a plan for a milestone quilt of your own. Kitty will guide you through the process so that you leave feeling inspired and ready to dive into creating a positive feedback loop in your life, documenting your days through the creation of a quilt.

  • FORMAT: Zoom
  • DATE: January 21
  • TIME: 10am – 1pm
  • PRICING: (see equity pricing for more info)
    • $22 standard pricing
    • $10 equity pricing
    • $25 pay it forward

Recommended for all levels.


Note that this is a planning workshop, and no sewing will take place during it. You will need to purchase the Quilt Your Life Planning documents which are available here at a discounted rate of $10 per person with code provided upon registration.


Please note that your registration is not complete until you send payment.

About Kitty

Kitty is a quilter, designer, teacher, and photographer who aims to create beautiful things every day. Between designing quilt patterns, sewing with gorgeous fabrics, tying life together with quilt-making in meaningful ways, capturing the wonder of the world in photographs, and adventuring with her partner and three young kids in rural Maine, Kitty’s busy making the world a more beautiful place. Find her online at or @nightquilter